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[AMC] U.S.Politics: The Tea Party (Tuesday, June 28 at 6:00p.m.)

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Tuesday, June 28 at 6:00p.m.

U.S. Politics: The Tea Party


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Dr. Jonathan Olsen,

Co-Director of International Studies, University of Wisconsin

In the past few years, the U.S. political system has seen the growth of a new political movement, the Tea Party. Based on conservative ideals, this party has gained momentum through popular politicians such as Sarah Palin (former vice presidential candidate and governor of Alaska), Ron Paul and Michelle Bachman. While it is not an official “party” such as the Democrat or the Republican parties, it has shown that it does have political clout and may play an important role the upcoming presidential elections in 2012. Join us on Tuesday, June 28 to learn more about: What is the Tea Party? Why has this “party” gained popularity in the U.S.? What are its principles and philosophies? Who are active supporters of the party? Why is this trend important in international relations? 
Dr. Olsen, currently a guest professor in Berlin, Germany, is co-director of the Department of International Studies at University of Wisconsin and is also Associate Professor of Political Science there. He is a two-time Fulbright scholar and author of several publications and books on German and European politics, such as “Nature and Nationalism: Right-Wing Ecology and the Politics of Identity in Contemporary Germany” and “The Left Party in Contemporary German Politics.” He will be visiting the American Center as part of the U.S. Embassy Moscow Speakers Program. 
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Tuesday, June 28 at 6:00p.m.
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