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Need help!

Аня Саранг, Фонд им. Андрея Рылькова. Письмо счастья.
I wanted to ask for you help in a campaign of my friends that I’m supporting. Its aim is twofold: first, my friends at the Andrey Rylkov Foundation for Health and Social Justice are collecting money for a harm reduction minibus for their outreach service in Moscow. This winter was so freezing in Moscow – minus 35C and their outreach workers really suffered – they couldn’t even do HIV rapid tests as the buffer was freezing immediately. All outreach visits went down and it was practically impossible to work with people out on the streets for the whole 2 months. Still, in the middle of April, its snow and freezing over there. So, after this winter ARF decided that they need a vehicle to make consultations and testing and medical aid more comfortable and attractive to people. But there is no chance they can get the money from the government as the Russian government is famously hostile to any harm reduction measures, and at the same time, the international donors are not so keen to fund Russia (the prosperous and ambitious country). 
But even more importantly, this campaign has already proven instrumental in spreading the word around about the grave situation in Russia in regards to protection of human rights and health of people who use drugs, including HIV, Hepatitis and overdose prevention. In their campaign, ARF presents a 20 minutes video on the situation in Russia, political context, their work in both service provision and advocacy and use this movie to inform people about our challenges. Inside Russia, this campaign has already stirred debate around the issue ‘why should we help drug users’ and support emerges from people who never thought about drug policy and HIV issues before.  
So far, the campaign has gone very well - both in terms of raising funds and promoting discussion on drug policy, on drug stigma in the social media. Within these first 4 days, ARF raised over 4300 USD from 55 supporters.  It is a great start but to raise the 60,000 needed for the minibus, and gain solidarity they need to reach out further beyond only HIV and drug policy fields. So I ask for your support to my friends campaign – both in spreading the word and supporting providing a donation. 
Heres the address from ARF president Anya Sarang on their website: 

With links to the 20 mins video about ARF and the 1 min trailer. And also below the link to the fundraiser itself. 
In hope for your support! 

ARF plans to purchase and maintain a mobile van to provide lifesaving health services to 1000 young disadvantaged drug users on the streets of Moscow, Russia.

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