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Webinar by the PeopleNetwork + project, overview on the Marie Curie Actions

Russians do Research in Europe!!
Did you always dream to come and carry out your research in Europe?

Europe is a perfect place to carry out research and there is European funding available for your project. During this webinar presented by the PeopleNetwork + project, you will get an overview on the Marie Curie Actions: funding programme for the mobility of researchers. Do not miss it!
WEBINAR 27th March 2013 12:00 by Moscow time

Registration under: www.euresearch.ch/WebinarAsia
Marie Curie Actions: Fellowships for mobile researchers– Dr. Juliane Sauer – Euresearch,)Switzerland
“My Experience as a Marie Curie Fellow in Europe” – Dr. Gary Strutte – Limerick Institute of Technology, Ireland
Thanks to the Marie Curie Action International Incoming Fellowship IIF you have the possibility to carry out your research project in an European institution for 2 years independently of your nationality. The call for proposals is open from March 14th on with a deadline on August 14th. You find all the documentation here: ec.europa.eu/research/mariecurieactions/Speakers
Dr. Juliane Sauer – National Contact Point for the Mobility of Researchers, Euresearch, Switzerland
Juliane is NCP for the Marie Curie Actions since 2008 and supports in this function researchers from all over the world who apply for the MSCA-fellowships with a Swiss host institution. Euresearch is part of the NCPs’ network PeopleNetwork+.
Dr. Gary Stutte – Marie Curie Fellow IIF – University Limerick, Ireland. Gary is a specialist in plant physiology and was the Principal Investigator on the NASA spaceflight experiment SyNRGE. Thanks to the IIF he now is a professor in the Controlled Environment Laboratory for Life Sciences CELLS in Limerick.

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