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Посдок в эпидемиологии и биостатистике


A post-doctoral fellow to engage in a multi-year project analyzing the nation's largest disability programs, Social Security Disability Insurance (DI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Our interdisciplinary program is designed to provide experiences that foster the development of skills necessary to conduct independent research and to cross-train post-doctoral fellows in disciplines that are not traditionally represented in Rehabilitation Medicine such as mathematics, statistics, economics, or computer science. Our training program is intended for students interested in population-level health services research and disability-related public health issues; however, our fellows are encouraged to become actively engaged in the rich and vibrant NIH research community. This is a fully funded multi-year post-doctoral fellowship. 

· Research, develop, and apply methods to tackle some of the challenges faced by SSA's disability programs
· Develop new algorithms and methods for optimizing the disability determination process
· Conduct analyses on large datasets with non-random missing patterns
Application materials:
· curriculum vitae
· a summary of past research experience
· graduate transcript
· a copy of one of your published papers
· a list of at least three references

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