вторник, 8 апреля 2014 г.

The List of Fake Drugs for Treating Chemical Addictions in Russia

If we will try to make a search in Google by keywords (in Russian) “treating alcoholism, narcotic abuse and dependence, narcological help” we’ll get thousands commercial web-sites with advertising offer services for instant treatment in one session. They call it “coding brain against dependence” or just “coding”... (full text about research).

Here is the list of non-existent (fake) drugs and treatments that in use for treating narcotics and alcohol addictions in Russia (the list is constantly being updated):

1. Intravenous injections: MST, SIT, NIT - various kinds of fake drugs, known as "Torpedo" - Atrovid (ATROVID), Algominal ( Vtiamerts depot ) Akvilong, Akvalong, Aktopleks, Regard, Ferron, FERRONIT forte ( chemical blocking method ) double blocking method, chemical protection, Vitamerts.

2. " Filing inside body" implanted under the skin like Esperal (ESPERAL) implantation ( Inserting ) Inserting Capsules, Blocking capsules.

3. Using the apparatus, instruments ore just voice and hands of healer: Neurophysiological block Brain coding method by "Dr. Dovzhenko", Translocation laser, The laser zombie in brain, Anticoding , The use of Hypnosis , 25 fps , Cyber - hat , Reconstruction of personal stories, Conditioned reflex method , " Anchor " technique hypnosis program " ban."

4. Decoding via intravenous or intramuscular injection , oral tablet or powder.

5. Dropper detoxifying , Purifying the blood of toxins, Blood laser to clean out the toxins .

None of this medical methods not based on any scientific evidence. Such methods are not established by Ministry of Health of Russia, the standards does not provide such fake substances for abuse treatment. If you are offered one of these methods be sure - they are provided by charlatans.

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